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16 mai la ora 18:00 - 22:00

|Eveniment Recurent (Vezi toate)

Un eveniment săptămânal care începe în fiecare joi la ora 6:00pm, până în data de joi, 24 octombrie 2019


16 mai
18:00 - 22:00
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The Guild Hall

Most Magic the Gathering players just play at home, on their kitchen tables or at work using lunch breaks for quick games. Some of the most exciting stuff is happening on those tables and we’d love to bring some of that into our shop. Bring in anything you want to play, but casual matches only. This is not a time to bring in super competitive decks. Beginner decks, intro decks, whatever you mashed into a deck looking shape, that homebrew you are super proud of, bring it out!

This is a weekly night for just having fun with the best game out there, new players highly encouraged!

If you would like to learn Magic in a low pressure environment this is the best time and place to do just that.

To set up your games also visit the Guild Hall MTG Discord Channel:

Entry Fee:
– Standard entry for Members, or a 25 RON Evening Pass for everyone else (hot drinks included as usual)

– You can use our in-store decks to learn and play some casual games
– The staff will teach you how to play if you are a total beginner
– Play in a casual and friendly environment
– You can build your own deck on the spot from boosters. You will receive a significant discount to facilitate this 🙂


The Guild Hall