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sâmbătă, 9 februarie 2019 la ora 14:00 - 17:00

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| 80 RON


Centrul de psihologie Mental Training
Centrul de psihologie Mental Training Str. Dacia, nr. 3, etaj 2, ap 13/1, interfon 131
Cluj-Napoca, Cluj 400044 România
Sit web:


Mental Training Cluj
Sit web:

Socialization group for practicing conversational techniques, assertive communication, leadership, and relationship.

A meeting lasts three hours.

The maximum number of people that can participate in training is 10.

To confirm your participation it is required to pay the 80 lei fee (or 18 euro) before the meetup, using the link: https://mental-training.ro/inscriere-social-skills-training/

The purpose of this training is to learn and practice social skills in a group.

If you want to develop your soft skills, this group is the perfect opportunity.

Speak UP

Oral communication is a daily part of life. You speak to someone. You greet people. You express opinions. You offer information. You ask questions. You may even try to persuade someone to accept your point of view or do something. How well do you verbalize your thoughts and ideas determine the impression you make on people and ultimately how successful you are in life.

Yet speaking to more than one or two people may make you nervous and uncomfortable. You may be afraid you will say or do something foolish or that you will bore your audience. These are normal concerns, and, with some effort, you can overcome them. You can learn to organize and present your ideas logically and convincingly and in doing so, develop some self-confidence that will enable you to handle any speaking situation with ease. Speak Up is a program designed to help you develop public speaking skills. During each session, you will learn and practice speaking and evaluation skills, and you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced speakers.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this programme, you will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the correct techniques of public speaking.
2. Speak effectively with ease & confidence.
3. Organize and structure the content of your speech
4. Use appropriate tips and techniques of public speaking

Programme Outline
Module 1: Introduction (30min)
1.1 What’s In It For Me – My Picture Activity
1.2 Pre-Training Evaluation – Introducing Activity
1.3 Program Objective
Module 2: Impromptu Speaking (2.5hours)
2.1 What is impromptu speaking
2.2 Why deliver impromptu speaking
2.3 Techniques of delivering impromptu speaking –
The Hand Technique
2.4 Activity: Deliver Impromptu Speaking
2.5 Recording and Feedback Session
2.6 Closure
Module 3: Speaking Skills (Preview Only)
3.1 Organizing structure for speech
3.2 Tips and techniques of writing structure
3.3 Activity: Tell Them
3.4 Recording and Feedback Session
3.5 Body Language
3.6 Vocal Variety
3.7 Listening
3.8 Video: Good Speaker
3.9 Activity: Tell and Show Them
3.10 Recording and Feedback Session

Who should attend:
Anyone who wishes to overcome the fear of public speaking.

Administrative Matters:
Duration: 3hours
Language: English (don’t worry about your level – this will not be a problem)
Fees: 80 lei
Venue: Mental Training Center Cluj-Napoca
Training Methodology:

Lectures, video recording session, role plays, hands-on, Q & A, Coaching and real-time feedback

Training Facilitator: Pat Selvaraj-Akpo

We will offer a refund if:

1. The meetup is canceled

2. I am announced at least 24 hours before the meeting that a registered person cannot attend