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miercuri, 31 octombrie 2018 la ora 18:30


miercuri, 31 octombrie 2018
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Telenav Europe
Telenav Europe Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 77 cladirea E
Cluj-Napoca, 400603 România

„I just arrived at my office, tided up my stuff, prepared my coffee and I am ready to work! Oh, but let me check my e-mails first…

… 2 hours later…

What happened? How come it’s already lunch time and I have done nothing today?!?”

Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a similar situation. Whether it is e-mails, social media, or games, we’ve have wasted time that could have been invested better. And we know it! So why do we on doing it? And even more, what can we do to avoid it in the future?

Research is a long long process made out of tiny little steps into the unknown. We often work alone, and, especially in academia, the culture supports procrastination and postponement. But the world depends on our work and we must rise above ourselves and finally finish that journal article!

This meetup is for sharing. Sharing both the bad (our procrastination stories) and the good (how do we deal with them). Packed with stories and (hopefully) suggestions on how to deal with our friend we love to hate (procrastination).

P.S. Okay, now I am really going back to work!