Guild Hall Contracts

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The representatives of the most honored Hall of the Guilds are looking for courageous adventurers! Monstrous creatures are roaming the land, and the local militia cannot hope to handle such a threat. We need you to hunt down these beasts and bring peace to the land! This September, The Guild Hall will launch a competition…

September Painting Competition

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All miniature painting enthusiasts have the opportunity to demonstrate their skill with a brush and be rewarded for it. Paint a miniature at home and bring it to the store to enter in this fantastic competition of talent and color. We have many prizes waiting for you. Rules: – No entry fee is required for…

Co-work Open Day at The Guild Hall

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We’re celebrating our 1-year anniversary on the 24th of September, and we’d like to invite you to join in. We’re opening our doors to coworkers and the whole day is on us! Get some stuff done, work from here for a day for free, meet fellow creatives and network! If you’ve never been in a…

One year at The Guild Hall – one week of celebration!

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Hear ye, hear ye, The Guild Hall is turning one year old this September and we want to celebrate this joyous occasion with all of you! Here’s what we’re proposing: a week full of games, co-work and cool new events! Passes will be discounted and to sweeten the deal we are also throwing in some…

Un spațiu de cowork #altfel: confort și creativitate la The Guild Hall

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Un spațiu de cowork #altfel: confort și creativitate la The Guild Hall Fenomenul de coworking cunoaște o extindere vastă, de aceea ne-am zis că e musai să vă prezentăm un spațiu de cowork din Cluj, unul dintre cele mai noi și prietenoase. Știm deja că latura ludică și distractivă a locului este o atracție semnificativă,…

DnD Beginner Campaign @ The Guild Hall

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Adventurers wanted! Are you interested in trying out Dungeons and Dragons, but always found the process of learning the system too daunting? No worries, we’ve got you covered! We are looking for 2 groups, meaning a total of 10 people to run Dungeons and Dragons sessions every Monday and Friday evening. We will take you…

Jackbox Game Night @ The Guild Hall

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Be the best at obscure trivia, draw with your fingers or lie to your friends for points! Jackbox is a great way to have an evening of fun playing all kinds of strange but awesome games that are easy to pick up and play for gamers and non-gamers alike. You’ve never heard of Jackbox and…

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